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Why Alcohol And Drug Rehabilitation Centers Needed is an initiative of Dahlia foundation exists to help people from all over India find relief and treatment for their addictions. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive directory of Indian treatment providers on the web as well as resources to help people on their recovery journeys.

Independent & Unbiased

We do do own and are operated by a treatment center. We strive to remain objective and only present facts about providers, treatment approaches, and so on.


Our guiding principle is to put the patient first. We never put the needs of sponsors over the goal of helping every person that comes to the site. Here are some ways our sites may stand apart from others:by listing everybody as equal and giving them opprtunites for us principles come before personalities

We do charge for listings. Cause There Is A Saying NO FREE LUNCH So Pay And Get Rewarded or Be At The Last Pages Of Some Portal Who Charge Heavy. The Rehabs Cost More Then Lakhs How Will The Common Middle Class Indian Pay Like The Britshers Did Dogs Are Not Allowed In This Elite Group My Tears Roll Down When I See The Prices When I Was Doing My Stint In A Rehab 25 yrs Back There Were Hardly 10 t0 15 Rehabs Today OMG You Open The Page There It Comes 3 Lakhs 4 lakhs 6 lakhs And So On Saying Luxurious Rehab Those Who Can Afford It Too Might Be Living In Luxury Then Why Didn't It Work At Home you Cant Make A Small House From Broken Homes.



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