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What is Brown Sugar and Effects of Brown Sugar Drug?

The Brown sugar drug is an adulterated form of Heroin that comes from opium. It consists of 20% of Heroin. It can also be said that it’s a semi-synthetic opioid that comes from morphine that is directly extracted from poppy plants. Due to impurities like chalk powder, rat poison, zinc oxide, etc brown sugar is much cheaper than the typical highly purified Heroin.

It is generally in the powdered form that is usually stored or packed in small vials. The common street names for the Brown Sugar drug are Smack, H, Junk, Horse, Black tar, and many others.

Whereas few users also prefer to inject this drug into themselves, which is a bit difficult method as impurities do not dissolve completely. Injection of brown sugar is also known to be one of the most dangerous methods of all. It might affect the veins of the skin very badly.


Often it has been noticed that a sense of dependency is created among the users of brown sugar. Some of the really threatening effects of brown sugar abusers are extreme weight loss due to high loss in appetite, insomnia, which does not allow the user to sleep for days, irritability, complete lack of concentration, and also depression along with high levels of frustration.

Brown Sugar creates a huge negative effect on the body, hence leaving a huge number of withdrawal symptoms that allows the user to attempt to stop using Brown sugar.

The numerous toll created by Brown Sugar on the body makes its withdrawal extremely painful. Firstly, it leads to violent and aggressive behaviors, lack of sleep due to the effect of insomnia, a sense of abnormal behavior, vomiting and also watering of the nose.

Apart from the above listed harmful effects of brown sugar drug, there are also effects such as respiratory tract infection, a feeling of restlessness, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, skin infections, gradual dental problems, and gastrointestinal problems.

In some cases, Brown sugar also leads to impotence, abscesses, and also several types of infections in the heart, lungs, and brain.

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