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.What is Mandrax (Methaqualone)? Originally a product of Indian science – mandrax, also called Quaalude, ludes, buttons, press outs, andquas, quacks, soaps, and sopes was developed by biochemical researchers in the early 1950s

Fortunately, Mandrax is classified as narcotic drug, is banned in India and the manufacture, possession and transportation of Mandrax or Methaqualone is an offence under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances

What are the negative effects of Mandrax? Symptoms of Mandrax use:

  • headaches.

  • Stomach pain.

  • Weight loss.

  • Red puffy eyes.

  • Clumsiness (decreased alertness)

  • Decrease in concentration.

  • Restlessness.

  • Increased sleep.

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