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A powerful hallucinogen with some stimulant effects, sold in white and coloured powders

Also called:

  • Alpha-Methyltryptamine

  • Amt And 2-(1H-Indol-3-Yl)-1-Methyl-Ethylamine

  • Amt freebase

  • Indopan

What does it look like?

AMT has been sold as:

  • White and coloured powders

  • Different coloured capsules and pellets

  • A liquid

How do people take it?

The capsules and pellets are swallowed. The powder can be dissolved in water or other drinks, snorted, bombed (rolled up in a cigarette paper and swallowed) or smoked.

Can you get addicted?

We don’t know yet. However, we know that with other similar drugs it is possible to become used to their effects which means you need to take more to achieve the same high. aMT has some stimulant effects and so it is possible that it also might be addictive like other stimulants.

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